Global News and International Diplomacy

Posted: March 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

When France announced the launch of its state-backed all-news channel “France24“, it was trumpetted as a global challenger to the domination of CNN and the BBC. Today the global news wars have intensified with the emergence of state-backed all-news channels from the Middle East (Al Jazeera), Russia (RT), China (CNC) and other regions. The ambitions of states in the area of global TV news makes clear a link between global news and diplomacy.

The Economist argued that global news broadcasters seem “hungrier for influence than for profits” (see the link to that article here). Another article in the Economist, “Waves of the Web” focuses on the presence of Western news broadcasters in the developing world (see link here).

In the Guardian, see “News thorugh French eyes: Chirac takes on ‘Anglo-Saxon imperialism'”, linked here. Also on France’s global broadcasting ambitions, “France24 to challenge CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera”, linked here. And in Business Week, “CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera and….France24?, linked here.

On Al Jazeera, see these articles: “A CNN for the Developing World” and “Can Al Jazeera Topple Governments?

On China’s global news ambitions, in the Guardian: “China launches global TV news network”, linked here. And “China funds English news channel CNC World in push for soft power”, linked here. Also see “China’s State TV Expands Globally“.

Article in the Columbia Journalism Review on Russia’s state-funded RT network, linked here.

The United States government launched an all-news TV network in Arabic called Al Hurra to reach populations of the Arab world with an “American perspective” on news. The U.S, government also launched a pop radio station called Radio Sawa. For articles on Al Hurra, see “The Al Hurra Project” and “Lost in Translation: Al Hurra — America’s Troubled Efforts to Win Middle East Hearts and Minds“. Also see in the Huffington Post: “Al Hurra: Still a Bad Idea“. On Radio Sawa, see “Radio Sawa: America’s New Venture in Radio Broadcasting“.

In the video below, from a report on Russia’s RT, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tells Congress that America is losing the all-news propaganda war:



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